Dreambox 800HD stuck on dhcp...

Discussion in 'DM800HD Hardware troubles and Repair support.' started by Nabukodonosor, Sep 30, 2017.

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    Hey guys. My Dreambox clone with OpenPlin on it is stuck on boot, on dhcp screen. Every time my power goes off, blackout or something, I have a problem with my box. I really don't understand. This time it happended again. And now it's stuck. I can't go in DHCP boot to try and flash this rom again. Last time I flashed my SIM card with I think OptiSflasher or something like that, but that time I had a NO CA Found error. Screenshot attached. Any ideas how to solve this?

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    Based on the image you gave you have the issue, dhcp :4-dm800. gzux-2.6.18
    First, be sure that you know which sim card you have into the box and use only the software and boot loader which is suitable for this sim card.

    Use/connect dreamup with serial cable and network and upload the correct boot loader and image file is mostly the solution.
    Other method could be, uploading the boot loader and probably the image file with the serial mode.
    Or, using optiflasher, fix the no ca found in serial mode.
    Or, use dreamup, and when it succeed to connect and give a ip to the box, leave dreamup as it is and use the given ip in your browser, upload by browser.

    Also, when using dreamup it's better to enable the recover bad sectors, maybe this issue occurs due a bad nand flash chip.
    But what I mostly do first is to use a terminal program as Putty or Wxp Hyperterminal and connect the box with the serial cable to see if it's still give a readable output and what it still do.
    And, suppose that it gives a readable output, but dreamup refuse to connect with only the serial mode, then it could be a damaged rs232 chip.