DM500HD USB port(s) info

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    As to whether the DM500HD box can have a USB port, and to search for it with Google search, it seems possible, but also, when thinking back years ago when the Dreambox China ( forum) still existed and I got this box at that time, and still have.
    I noticed it already has a USB mod and actually I completely forgot that it was already there, at least with the clone versions.
    As you can see here,

    Of course these are hard to find nowadays, so I will give some ideas to make one by yourself.

    My first idea...

    First Idea is pretty simple, just take a Usb port, add four wires to it with a 5 pins connector and use four of them for a single USB port.
    Both P1000 pins starts with the ,
    5v (orange wire)
    Data D- (white wire)
    Data D+ (green wire)
    and Ground (gray wire),
    Last (pin5) is not used.
    As you can see here,

    And these, which shows that it works,

    Idea, with or without wires..
    But this is with wires, and one USB port.
    Another way is to solder directly a female 2x5 pins to a Dual pcb usb port as you can see here,
    Of course, you can also make this with one USB pcb connector by using one female 5 pins connector.

    However, since the 5v delivery from the box is pretty weak to handle more than one device, it may damage the 5v from the box when there is some issue, it is better to use a usb hub, one with his own power adapter.
    For example see this,

    This is basically the most safest way, using a usb hub with his own power source when you want to add more than one device.
    With no risk damaging the 5v circuit delivered from the box.

    In any case, I have here made a picture which shows how it could connected,

    It shows two ports, but of course one (port A) is also a possibility.
    When you using a external usb hub, one with a adapter connected to it, then it could be wise not to connect the 5v pin from the motherboard, it may not harm when it's connected, but just to be sure.
    As for the resistors, these are often not present, but just to be sure you should check it.
    One resistor present is enough to disable both (A/B) ports.

    Next idea, using Dc to Dc converters...
    Another idea, is to use one, or two Dc to Dc converters to handle the 5v delivery.
    By using these Mini 360 Dc buck converter step down module it can handle 2Amps which should be enough.

    Here you can see an example how it could be wired, as for the 12v input to the Dc/Dc converter you can use the connection from the On/Off switch, the switch side.
    Do not forget to adjust the output to 5v before you connect a usb device to it.

    And in action, running with Openpli 7, you can see here,

    And this picture is showing the usb in action,

    And at last, the picture which showing how it could be wired,

    Anyways, there are more idea's to find when you google search to for example USB 2.0 Motherboard Bracket.

    By be posting this info, I think there is enough information to add a usb port to a DM500HD box by yourself.
    However, do it at your own risk, I have tested it with two pcb boards, and also all methods are tested, and they all works.

    Be also aware that your usb stick must have the correct format (fat32) and also that some image files may not work with the on board USB, due some missing drivers.
    I have tested it with OpenPli7 and a older 5.0 OpenAtv.
    Other versions, may or may not work, so be aware of that when it not works.

    That's it, have fun with the customization, but be aware, it may seem easy to build, but one mistake is easy to make if you're in a hurry.

    As I had with one motherboard, there I had damaged the USB ports by shorting the D- / D+ connections.
    Not a real problem, because I have more DM500HDs, and this box still works.
    But still, be careful when you build it.
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    Excellent, and very useful the trick with wires to the USB port, nice !

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